February the 14th is almost here - and The Guelder Rose is proud to offer a complete range of flowers, gifts and ideas for the year's most romantic day.


Flower arrangements for special occasions

Flowers have always been associated with beauty, feeling alive after a cold winter or a thankful message. We give flowers to show our appreciation for someone or our love for the person we care about. Sometimes flowers are given just to follow the local traditions but in most cases they are given with a special occasion.

Each time you remember about a special occasion, such as an anniversary, keep in mind that you need to choose the flowers according to the person who is going to receive them. You can’t get a bouquet of red roses for your boss as these are expressing passion, love and are usually gifted to your wife. But if you add some Peruvian lilies you could make the perfect bouquet for your boss because your flowers will have another meaning, appreciation of power. The White Dendrobium Orchids would work if the bouquet is for your mother as these express purity and honesty.

The flower type and color should vary also according to the occasion you are celebrating. The wedding requires bright colors, such as white, pink, red, orange, yellow and the flower type should be special, namely small rosses, mini calla lilies or any combination of these. This works only if you are invited to a wedding, because if you are the groom or bride, we suggest you to collaborate with a professional agency. For a new baby you should choose light pink, yellow and orange Gerbera daisies or other types but still joyful colors.

Flowers are suitable for almost all the special occasions. Either it’s her birthday, or she is getting married you should send her a nice bouquet. These should be gifted even if it isn’t exactly a special occasion but she is in the hospital and you want to tell her to get well, or anytime you feel the need to offer a gorgeous bouquet.