February the 14th is almost here - and The Guelder Rose is proud to offer a complete range of flowers, gifts and ideas for the year's most romantic day.


Wedding gift ideas

You just found out that your friend is getting married and you’re thinking about finding the best wedding gift. Though finding it is not easy, it will worth all the efforts thinking that the wedding gifts are the best way of congratulating the happy couple and send them your best wishes.

Most of the wedding gifts you’ll find if you visit the shops will be a combination of romantic message and a wish of happiness. You can choose a special painting that embodies their love or a porcelain mug set with an exclusive design and a personalized written message. Another good idea is to get them a beautiful sculpture that would be suitable for their living room. They would love it and your gift might be never forgotten. An anniversary wine box could be a good choice as well; they would be thrilled when thinking about celebrating their first year as a married couple.

Sometimes it just happens to feel like all the presents you’re finding in the shops are not what the couple needs. Therefore, if you want to make them a useful present, choose a gift card with which they can buy what they need for the new home or for them. Today, you can find some really nice cards and they can be personalized as you wish. Though many couples prefer the gift cards, the classical gift will surprise them and maybe is more appropriate if you want to see them smile when they’re opening your present.

All the wedding gifts are enjoyed by the couples in the end. These will show them how much people care about them and how happy people are for their marriage. It is important to choose the present that express in the best way what you feel about their union. After all, it is the message that matters when you offer a wedding gift.