February the 14th is almost here - and The Guelder Rose is proud to offer a complete range of flowers, gifts and ideas for the year's most romantic day.


Local and UK-wide delivery can be arranged on all orders. 12 Long stem best, Grand Prix red roses, handtied with foliage, beautifully presented in tissue wrap and water. 12 long stem Passion red roses, handtied with foliage, beautifully presented in tissue wrap and water Mixed flowers, handtied with foliage, and beautifully presented in tissue wrap and water

When you enter the shop you will be met by Juillet, the designer, who will greet you with a friendly and personal service, giving you advice on choosing designs to enhance your home or office decor. Juillet trained to become a florist in Sunninghill, Berks, gaining extensive experience working with both fresh and dried flowers. She then went on to further her knowledge by working abroad in Switzerland, first in Geneva then in Berne, where she gained invaluable experience which is evident in her work today.

After her travels abroad, she worked in some top London hotels, The Savoy Group and the Ritz among a few, where she was able to gain experience of a much grander style doing large weddings and functions. The designs are created with the finest quality silk and dried flowers, giving them a very natural look and making them difficult to tell apart from the real thing. They make the perfect gift (which will last and last), for birthdays, anniversaries, births, Valentines, Mother's Day or just because.

Best presents for your lover

It is a gratifying feeling to give gifts to the people you love and in particular to the most important person in your life. Seeing the warm smile on their face is making you even more thrilled than they are. But, if you like to spoil your lover, you must be dealing with the struggle of choosing the best gift. Having so many options, is making your decision harder but knowing well your lover will help you make a decision after all.

Depending on the occasion and your lover style you can choose to focus on expensive or romantic presents. If you know that your lover likes the first category you should go for an exquisite perfume or a splendid jewelry. These will make your girlfriend feel wonderful as well as any other gift that makes her look fabulous. And if you don’t have a girlfriend you can surprise one of the good looking escorts from your city.

Whatever the price or the size of the present you got, it has no great impact if it is not completed with some special flowers, like red roses. Your girlfriend will feel beautiful and loved even if she would receive only the flowers. So, when you just don’t know what to get her, send her some pretty flowers and you’ll be her hero. If you are single, you can impress your Parisian escort from 6anno with bouquets and types of flowers she might appreciate. The irresistible escorts love flowers although they might receive them daily from their admirers as a way of thanking for her exuberant company.

If your know that your girlfriend is romantic, you should prepare a romantic dinner or wait for her with rose petals and a good wine. She will admire your intentions and enjoy what you have organized for both of you. Of course, the single ones can make this present to their escorts. These fascinating ladies like the sensual presents like this one and to have your full attention. She would have a great reaction, making you feel terrific for the rest of the night.

But let’s go back to the best presents and remind that sometimes they could be simple but related to one of her or his interests, maybe a t-shirt with his favorite movie character or new lens for her camera. Your partner will feel great to know that you are thinking about him and buy the presents that he likes. When it comes to men, the best presents would be the ultimate devices on the market and that could be a smart watch, a Smartphone, a new version of his favorite video game. You might be surprised, but your charming French escort is likely to bring you one of these presents because they are very familiar with what men like.

Gifts are beautiful every time we give or receive; the act itself is creating new and strong bounds that will last for a very long time. Your partner will have stronger feelings for you if they know that you care about them and through the gifts you’re making them, you can show that.